The Legend of the Seahorse and the Mermaid

Gentle winds caress the Oriental Ocean
of tranquil waters in perpetual motion.
Enchanting as the twilight fades.
Where are the seahorses and mermaids?

Gentle currents beneath the waves,
caress the coral encrusted caves.
Lurking beneath the coral shade
Perhaps a seahorse or a mermaid?

Gentle waves caress the white sand
of mystical waters of Thailand.
Wily fishermen applying their trade
to catch a seahorse or a mermaid.

Gentle caresses of the Genie urn,
fishermen wait for the catch they yearn.
Nets retrieved at the stroke of midnight,
seahorses and mermaids nowhere in sight.

Gentle rowing and incoming tide,
fishermen head home with dented pride.
Safely ashore the urn gets a snub
a voice is saying, " head for the pub "

Gentle persuasion and dampened in spirit,
dejected fishermen pay the pub a visit
Many ales later and countenance frayed
Visions of a seahorse caressing his mermaid

Gentle breezes caress the white sand
of the mystical islands of Thailand.
Fairy tales circulating at the Fisherman's Club
"Seahorse and Mermaid courting at their local pub?"

Written by Stanley Andrew van Druten 3rd August 2002